First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

Job Openings

Job Description

Children’s Choir Director First Presbyterian Church

  1. Provide regular music opportunities for children and youth (preschool-grade 12) in order to teach children and youth to find, develop, and express their God-given musical gifts.
  1. Organize and direct youth and children’s music (singing, bell playing, percussion, instrumentals, etc.) during worship. Ideally: children (preschool-5th grade as a choir), once every other month and youth, as a choir at least 2 times per year.
  1. Organize and help facilitate, in collaboration with the Director of Music, youth and children as they share their instrumental gifts in worship at least once every six weeks, in addition to choirs singing.
  1. Organize and direct Children’s Christmas program (incorporating interested youth) which will take place in December and Children’s spring musical, which generally takes place in May. These may require extra rehearsals outside of Sunday School time.
  1. Provide and facilitate at least one opportunity per year for our Children to share their musical gifts at a local nursing home.
  1. Provide and facilitate at least one opportunity per year for our families (children, youth and parents) to go “Christmas Caroling” as a mission-type activity.
  1. Organize, teach and direct all music for Vacation Bible School in July (Vacation Bible School meets from 9 am – noon for one week in July) and help with ending VBS program for parents on the last day of VBS, coordinating with the Director of Children’s, Youth and Family Ministries and the Vacation Bible School Co-Directors.


  • Be available 3 Sundays per month (from September – May) for leading music with children from 9:30-10 am. (Prep time: 9 am)
  • Be available 2 Sundays per month (from September – May) to work with preschoolers on special music from 10:15 – 10:45 as needed
  • Be available 1 Sunday morning per month (from September – May) to work with youth on music from 10:15 – 11:15 am
  • Be available from 9 am – noon for Vacation Bible School week in July, to facilitate and lead Children’s Music
  • Be a consistent presence on Sunday mornings, both during the Sunday School hour and in worship


  1. Musically inclined – must play piano or guitar, at least minimally
  2. Must love working with children and youth
  3. Previous experience in leading music with children and youth/directing choirs
  4. Must work well with others, including parent and other volunteers – especially on the Christmas Pageant, Children’s musical and VBS
  5. Must be flexible enough to help navigate/pioneer a music program for children that is developing throughout the next 2-3 years
  6. Paid position – generally 5 hours per week. There is some flexibility in this schedule, particularly in the planning time, to account for more hours at church needed for rehearsals for Children’s Christmas Pageant, Children’s Musical and Vacation Bible School.