First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

Insight Study Group

Please join us on Sunday from 9 am to 10 am in the Wernimont Room at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Cedar Rapids. These sessions are free and open to the public.

Our Earth

 “The Earth Is What We All Have in Common:” – Wendell Berry, Naturalist

Does the environment need saving, or are we just going through normal inevitable cycles which will allow human habitation to prosper for centuries to come?  Should we focus on local, short term concerns? What is needed now?  Does being a Christian make a difference?


January 7:  Controlling Nature

Neil Bernstein, Mt Mercy Biology professor, will lead a discussion on whether we can and should attempt to control nature. What is our role as stewards of our world?  What conditions are changing within our lifetime?


January 14:  Faith & the Environment

Heather Hayes, senior pastor at First Presbyterian, will discuss the theology of environmental concerns. Does being a Christian make a difference?


January 21:  Religion Vs. Science

Tom Lackner, Coe Biology professor, now retired, will discuss Darwin’s work as it pertains to a conflict with religion during his time.  Does that conflict still exist but in a different context?


January 28:  Local Environmental Challenges

Scott Olson, Architect with Skogman Commercial Group & Member of Cedar Rapids City Council will provide the status of community needs and progress since the 2008 flood. How can we protect against future flood damage? Is a flood wall the complete answer or do we have to take additional steps? How far do we need to go?


February 4:  What About Me? What Can One Individual Do? 

Rich Patterson, Cedar Rapids Nature Center Director, now retired, has strong feelings about the value of  natural beauty in the Cedar Rapids area. He believes that we should act to save our heritage and would like to convince us to join him.