First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 9

Who is in your family?

JACKSON…and my sister, Maddie…Daddy, and also Mommy.

What is the best thing about your family?

Eating dinner with my family (What’s your favorite dinner?) Lasagna! That’s what I’m going to have for lunch tomorrow.

What is a fun thing your family has done?

Putting my mommy’s Christmas town together. Putting snow on it is fun. There is some big houses and some people. There is some ghosts from the movie of it. (The Christmas Carol?) Yep, they come to Scrooge’s house. There’s a guy who has a black spooky shirt on and he doesn’t have a face. There’s a big guy who’s a nice one. And a little one.

Landon Witt

(from an interview by Pastor Heather)

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