First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 7

Everyone loves the day after Thanksgiving because it’s Black Friday, but I love it for a different reason. Every year my family celebrates Dooshkiebop. And before you wonder what kind of name that is please understand I made it up as a 10-year-old. There’s two main rules for Dooshkiebop – you can only eat breakfast food and you have to stay in your pajamas all day. It’s basically a 5th graders dream and that’s actually how it can to be. One night coming home from soccer practice with my dad, I decided breakfast food was better than any other type of food and there should be a holiday for it. Instead of telling me that was silly and you were sure to die from carb overdose if you tried that, my dad laughed and asked what the name of the holiday was. I threw together some sounds, we presented the idea to the rest of the family, and before you knew it Dooshkiebop was a tradition. There’s even a 12 Days of Dooshkiebop song. And despite the silliness of the holiday, it really means something to me. I know that no matter what we get a family day just to ourselves where we can laugh and watch a funny movie and eat waffles. It’s a reminder that despite all five of us having crazy lives, at the end of the day we’re still a family who makes time for each other because we’re all in this together and we love each other.

JoJo Hayes

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