First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 23

Everyone has holiday traditions and even a Grinch like myself has to appreciate Christmas cookies. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve spent Saturdays making batch after batch of all different types of cookies. But there’s been one staple each year – the chocolate rice krispies. Essentially just cereal and melted chocolate these cookies are my favorite. We even have a special bowl for them. And even I know they’re just cookies they seem like something more. They remind me of cooking with my mom, trying to stir together ingredients with a spoon too big for my hands, and stealing globs of chocolaty goodness with my sisters. There’s something special if looking at a certain pot can make you nostalgic for Christmas time. I know I’m going to have these memories forever and I’m holding onto them. For some reason the cookies represent everything I love about the holidays and my family and that’s pretty amazing.

JoJo Hayes

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