First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 21

When considering a story to submit for this devotional opportunity, at first I refrained, as it was going to be “one more thing” that I was putting on my to do list   during the Christmas / advent season.

A time of year which always seems to too busy, stressful, with no time to enjoy it.

However a Christmas eve from several years ago came to mind that has helped me and I bet several of my family relax and focus on the light of the season.

Many of my family were sitting in the same pew, filling it tightly.  When it was time to pass the light of the candle to each person, it became obvious that our daughters candles “wax guard”   was malfunctioning and,  the hot dripping candle wax soon became quite an issue.

How did we react?…efforts to catch the wax were made, but I believe our main reaction was,  laughing of course…quietly with shoulders moving up and down, for what seemed like a long time.  The best kinds of laughs.

It turned out to be a tremendous stress reliever…after all was under control, I remember looking down the row and seeing smiling faces, fortunately, all holding the still lite candles.

An  accidental tradition was born!    As I have  looked forward to candles on Christmas eve and all through Advent for many years now…Through the season   the  candlelight represents Jesus who is the light of the world and who guides us from all the darkness of the world, in many different ways!  

The lighting of candles, ‘Christ’s Light’,  on Christmas Eve   signifies love, prayer, passion and hope,  and happy times!     

Bob Mollman

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