First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 10

Our scripture lessons for this Sunday are comprised of angel visits. In Luke, it is Mary who received surprising news from the divine. In Matthew, Joseph is visited by a heavenly being in a dream. In both cases, a choice must be made. How to respond to this startling encounter? The choice is easy for neither, but in accepting the more difficult path, they create the space for the Christ child to come into this world.

A Prayer for Choosing

What we choose

changes us.

Who we love

transforms us.

How we create

remakes us.

Where we live

reshapes us.

So in all our choosing,

O God, make us wise;

in all our loving,

O Christ, make us bold;

in all our creating,

O Spirit, give us courage;

in all our living

may we become whole.

Jan Richardson

From Night Visions

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