First Presbyterian Church – Cedar Rapids

December 14

Growing up, Christmas Eve was always a night filled with wonder and family.  My sisters and I always had new Christmas clothes and our mom made a special meal.  After dinner, before we opened our gifts,  we always sat and listened to our father read the Christmas story from the Bible.  He had a deep, rich voice with a slight Scottish accent that came through once in awhile.  When we were little, we would squirm and giggle as we waited for the time when we could start opening.  As we grew older, we recognized the power of that wonderful story and we paid close attention. That time together and that reading made a lasting impression on us.  Now as adults, my sisters and I have such fond memories of that time and how special Christmas Eve was to our family.    And even though it can’t ever be the same, we have held on to the family tradition of reading the Christmas story, from his Bible, knowing how important that story is to our faith and our lives.  

Priscilla Polehna

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